This stunning Italian village is offering free stays to travellers!


This stunning Italian village is offering free stay to travellers!

As Italy recuperates from the hit it took from COVID-19, it is slowly opening its doors to travellers and going the whole hog to woo them back. In the pre-COVID world, Italy was one of the most loved and visited nations for travellers, and took a massive hit as the whole world went under strict lockdown to curb the spread of the pandemic. It took a heavy toll on Italy’s thriving tourism industry, which is inching towards normalcy now.

One such move has come from San Giovanni, a picturesque village in southern Italy. Anyone who travels to the village between July to October this year will be given free accommodation! Yes, you read that right. You will not have to pay anything for a stay in this stunning village. Reportedly, the village is home to a number of abandoned homes, and the authorities have renovated the houses as stay facilities now.

This stunning Italian village is offering free stay to travellers!

Travellers can spend up to seven nights here, free of charge. The initiative is titled as Regalati il Molise, and seeks to pump tourists’ money back into the local economy. The authorities believe that the money saved on accommodation costs would prompt tourists to spend more on the other things here.

Like a number of similar villages in Italy, Paris and some nations, San Giovanni has been seeing a steady decline in the population as a number of locals emigrated to bigger cities.

If staying for free in a beautiful Italian village is an idea that has you thinking, write an e-mail to their cultural association at [email protected] stating the same, and your reasons to choose San Giovanni. You will also need to fill a form while applying for the initiative.

Note: Do check your region’s travel COVID-19 travel policies as well as Italy’s to ensure that travelling is allowed before you apply for a visit to San Giovanni.

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