This Maldives resort is offering remote working package at $23250, and why you can consider it


This Maldives resort is offering remote working package at $23250, and why you can consider it

In these times of a global pandemic, we are trying to cope up with the new normal of working from home. Now, if the setup of your remote location is enhanced with an ocean view, complimentary laundry service, delectable food, and a dedicated personal assistant, what more can you ask for, right?

While that reads like an itinerary of an over-enthusiastic or dreamy remote worker, it is very much real. Well, a luxury resort in the Maldives has answers to all these questions, as it has just launched a Workation Package, which will cater to all your needs and is open to all those who need a break from their remote work setup.

Reportedly, The Nautilus Maldives has come up with this unique offer, which recently opened in the Maldives. It is offering you a chance to set up your remote office at Baa atoll UNESCO biosphere reserve for up to 21 days. However, there is a little catch about this offer—it doesn’t come cheap. If you are ready to shell out $23250 per week, you get all the benefits mentioned and will be able to turn your workation into fun. But, to ensure that the visitors can reach the location hassle-free, the resort stresses that immigration and other processes will be handled by them on the guests’ behalf while the visitors can just relax in a private lounge at the airport.

This Maldives resort is offering remote working package at $23250, and why you can consider it

As per the reports, a week’s stay for two at one of its 26 beach and ocean houses will come at a price tag of $23250, whereas a two-week stay will cost $37850, and a three-week stay will cost $52000 respectively.

Apart from the benefits, the team at The Nautilus informed that remote workers will also be offered ‘incredible seclusion’ at the resort, as it is located on its own private island. Also, other benefits that will come along with the package are meditation and fitness sessions, daily yoga, and a private sunset dolphin cruise on board one of its luxury yachts.

Further, those who book the said package will also get the option to work on an isolated sandbank, wherein they can have a shaded sun canopy and their own personal desk a few hours a day.

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