This hotel turns to robot staff amid pandemic in South Africa


This hotel turns to robot staff amid pandemic in South Africa

COVID has not only disturbed our travel plans, but has also made us skeptical of going out to have lunch or dinner. Most of the restaurants do promise that they are following all COVID protocols and have taken all safety measures, yet the fear looms. In such a scenario, there is this restaurant that is making some noise with its unique idea of following the protocols.

As per the latest reports, hotel staff at Hotel Sky in Sandton, Johannesburg, adheres to strict COVID-19 protocols, apart from strictly following other rules such as maintaining adequate social distancing and wearing face masks. The hotel staff has Lexi, Micah and Ariel who cater the guests, and guests are simply not scared of getting in contact with them or getting infected.

Well, Lexi, Micah, and Ariel are the hotel’s robot staff!

This hotel turns to robot staff amid pandemic in South Africa

Although Robot hospitality has been there for quite some time in Japan, Hotel Sky is the first in Africa to use automated attendants. Lexi, Micah, and Ariel are capable of delivering room service, and can carry up to 165 pounds of luggage, and provide travel information.

Guests can also use the Hotel Sky app to interact with staff members or use the option of self-service. The hotel also offers the option of a self-check-in facility, as well as an app to enable the guests to access the room, order food, and contact staff.

Referring to this, the Hotel Shy’s General Manager said that it’s important to note that the robots can in no way replace human beings or jobs. People will remain at the core of their business and hospitality industry as a whole, so the robots supplement the guest experience, he added.

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