This American city will give you $10000 to move here, Tulsa


This American city will give you $10000 to move here

This is one golden opportunity for those looking for a new destination to work remotely. Tulsa, the beautiful Oklahoma city in the US is looking for residents for a year. The selected people will also get $10000 (INR 7,38,565) to live here. The announcement was made under the
Tulsa Remote Program, launched in November 2018 and funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

As per the program’s official website, Tulsa is looking for 250 remote workers who are ready to move within the next six months.

The perks ofTulsa Remote Program

The new residents will receive $10000 as a reward. This will include a budget for relocation and stipends per month. Some amount will also be given after the completion of the year. This is not it, the new Oklahomans will also get membership to the 36 Degrees North co-working space, along with assistance in finding an apartment in the city.

Tulsa Remote’s interim Executive Director Ben Stewart told the media, “We started with the goal to introduce Tulsa to the nation and create a vibrant and diverse talent ecosystem within our community. We seek to bring people from diverse industries and skill sets that bring jobs with them into our economy, and at the same time, population growth is always important.”

Till now, 400 people have become a part of the program. With a pandemic on rise and more people working from home, the program has received a positive response. As per the head of the program, more than 40 percent applicants are from New York and California, while nearly 40 percent work in the tech industry. Applications have also come from journalists and opera singers from Japan.


1) Only those who are18 years of age or are older can apply.

2) They must be employed in a profession that allows for remote working.

3) A video interview will be conducted with the selected candidates.

4) Current Oklahoma residents cannot participate.

5) Selected new residents will have to live in Tulsa for one year.

6) Admissions are on a rolling basis. So there’s no specific deadline.

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