This airport is opening to offer ‘pretend to go abroad’ to help people get their travel fix


This airport is opening to offer ‘pretend to go abroad’ to help people get their travel fix

Amid the COVID crisks, with most of the planes grounded in most of the countries, travelling seems to be one of the most distant dreams. However, in such a scenario, there is one airport that has set into motion a unique idea to help its citizens get their travel fix.

As per the latest reports, Taipei’s Songshan Airport is offering people a chance to pretend that they are going on a vacation. The airport is hosting a unique tour that will allow people to go to the airport, but without actually going anywhere. This half-day experience will offer them a tour of the airport, among other things that are particular to the travel process.

In fact, Taipei’s Songshan airport will be offering a chance to 90 people to enjoy a tour of their airport and revive their experience of going through all the process in the said airport, including going through the process of immigration, a chance to board a plane, deboard it, and then return home.

This airport is opening to offer ‘pretend to go abroad’ to help people get their travel fix

Referring to this, Deputy Director of Taipei Songshan Chih-ching said people who didn’t get the opportunity to take international flights at Songshan, can now use this chance to experience and learn more about the boarding process and relevant service facilities. As per the reports, the tours will take place on July 2, 4, and 7.

Songshan is not the main international airport of Taipei. Flights from Songshan normally travel domestic or to select international. However, the COVID lockdown has brought almost every operation in Songshan airport to a halt, which gives it an opportunity to provide new fliers to experience the travel process or for veteran travelers to enjoy their airport fix.

Reportedly, international tourism has come to a halt in most parts of the world, with most of the countries shutting down their borders to contain spread of the Coronavirus, which has already infected more than 7 million people globally.

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