This 90-year-old granny has turned her tiny Polish village into a beautiful art gallery, Poland


This 90-year-old granny has turned her tiny Polish village into a beautiful art gallery

Usually, people in their old age turn religious, spend time playing with grandchildren or keep themselves busy by watching television. But this 90-year-old granny living in the small Czech village of Louka is not an ordinary woman. This beautiful woman has made it her life mission to adorn all the houses in her village by painting them.

Meet Agnes Kasparkova, a 90 plus ex-agricultural worker, who has picked up a new passion at this age, which is painting. In her spare time, she likes to paint traditional Moravian motifs on the wall in bright blue shades. Her favourite painting area is the village chapel, where she painted floral motifs on the exteriors.

Travellers from across the globe visit the village of Louka to meet her and look at her work. A number of people have shared photos of her and her work on their social media, here are some of her ever-so-gorgeous artworks.

Kasparkova was inspired by another local woman, who had been in the same business for years. But unlike other artists, she does not believe in planning out her work in advance and lets the painting brush do the talking. She creates gorgeous floral patterns using her imagination and colours and all that she uses is a small brush and bright blue colours.

She stops painting during the winters because of freezing climatic conditions, and that’s one of the reasons she desperately waits for the spring. Kasparkova begins with her work of beautifying the village as soon as spring arrives.

Her artwork has gained a lot of local and global attention in no time. But, despite all the fame, the lady remains absolutely grounded and says that she does it only for pleasure. She calls herself an artist and says that she enjoys painting. So, when it comes to Kasparkova, age is just a number.

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