The travelling monolith appears in India’s Ahmedabad


The travelling monolith appears in India's Ahmedabad

travelling monolith has made its first appearance in India, creating a stir in Ahmedabad. A 6 ft tall, shiny structure, similar as ones that have been appearing all over the world for past some months has been spotted in Ahmedabad’s Symphony Forest Park. A three-sided metal structure, it also has some numbers embedded on it, and has been luring the locals as well as media people, all eager to have a look at it.

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The travelling monolith appears in India's Ahmedabad

It is believed that the numbers embedded on the metal structure have a connection with nature conservation and environment, and the monolith signifies importance of the same. Currently, there is no clarity on how the monolith has appeared in the park; the same ambiguity applies to other similar monoliths that have been previously spotted around the world.

Previously, these mysterious structures have been spotted in Utah, Romania, the Netherlands, San Francisco, England’s Isle of Wight, Colombia and a few other places. In fact, it would not be wrong to hail the monolith as the only thing that travelled more than the whole of human race as COVID-19 struck the world last year.

Reportedly, a gingerbread monolith appeared in San Francisco on Christmas, which collapsed on the next day!
This is its first appearance in India, and has already created a stir, with its photos doing rounds of social media. The park is located close to Ahmedabad’s Sindhu Bhawan Road. Its sudden appearance across the world has been widely attributed to anonymous artist/artists, keen on training the spotlight on environment and its conservation.

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