The Great Wall of China opens partly for visitors; China inching towards normalcy, China


The Great Wall of China opens partly for visitors; China inching towards normalcy

In a major update, the Great Wall of China is opened partly for visitors amid COVID-19 outbreak. The renowned Badaling section of the wall that is situated in Beijing was opened partly for visitors on Tuesday.

After being shut down for almost two months due to the virus outbreak, the Great Wall in China has been opened, coming as big news, also reflecting that the country is getting back to normal. The lockdown has also been lifted on more than 50 million people living in central Hubei province. The first case of the virus was reported in the province in late 2019.

The latest developments read as one of the prime signs of life returning back to normal here. In the images doing rounds on social media, we could see several people, including kids, wearing masks as they visited the Great Wall of China. An essential mandate for the visitors is that they must have a health clearance code from the health department. Also, to ensure people’s health and safety, the influx of visitors here will be kept under 30 per cent of its handling capacity. Not only this but the administration has also limited the number of daily visitors to 19500.

The region will remain open from 9 AM to 4 PM. On Tuesday, till 2 PM in the afternoon, 892 tickets for the monument were reserved on the official website. People were also able to book the tickets through WeChat in advance.

Similarly, the travel restrictions in Wuhan, where the Coronavirus first struck (epicentre), will be lifted on April 8. Wuhan province has been under complete lockdown since January 23. However, there are fears about the return of the virus a second time if people arrive from overseas.

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