Thailand plans to open for tourism from October


Thailand's big plan to lure tourists as early as October; increased paperwork and only private/chartered jets allowed

Thailand is planning to bring back international tourists by October. The Thai Tourism Ministry has laid out a certain plan, and if this works, you could head to Bangkok sooner than you can imagine. Thailand has already asked tour operators to chalk out plans for marketing.

Tourists with Special Tourist Visas that allow long stays in the country can expect a promising holiday soon enough, as long-stay packages would soon be released. If it works initially, the tourist capacity would be increased in the coming future. What Thailand wants tourists to do is follow the rules diligently, and help avoid instances of Coronavirus.

Hence, tourists will have to furnish all required documents to the consular officials. This includes a COVID- free certificate; health and travel insurance; alternative state quarantine payment; alternative local state quarantine payment, post-quarantine accommodation, and your bookings for a chartered flight or private jet. Of course, the entire thing is rather expensive than your average Thai holiday, but we are living in different times, and for now this is how it is happening.

The Special Tourist Visa and Certificate of Eligibility will be provided to the tourists by the Foreign Ministry only after all these documents get approved. Thai authorities are hoping that tourists can come in by October 1, if all the formalities for the visa gets completed on time.

Thailand's big plan to lure tourists as early as October; increased paperwork and only private/chartered jets allowed

At first, tourists will have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine in Bangkok. Once the reopening begins, international flights will be limited to three per week, and only 100 tourists can travel at a time in one flight. Also, it is reported that the new guidelines in place will lead to increased paperwork for tourists; another condition also lays down that only tourists comiisng via private jets or chartered flights will be allowed to visit Thailand.

There is further news coming in from Thailand that apart from the 14-day quarantine, for which tourists will have to pay from their own pocket, they might also be required to quarantine in their home country. They must also have a certain sum of money in their bank accounts. If all this is true, then visiting Thailand may not be as easy as one might imagine it to be.

The Special Tourist Visa handed by the Thai government is for a minimum of 90 days, and can be extended up to 270 days.

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