Taiwan’s largest airlines known as China Airlines is considering a name change for obvious reasons, Taiwan


Taiwan’s largest airlines known as China Airlines is considering a name change for obvious reasons

What’s in a name? Well, after the Coronavirus outbreak, we would say a lot! Taiwan’s largest carrier has come under the spotlight because of its name. Known as the China Airlines, the name has indirectly issued a lot of problems for these Taiwan airlines and now the public (in Taiwan) is demanding to change it for obvious reasons.

The Coronavirus outbreak that emerged in the city of Wuhan in China has now become a global health issue. The virus has already claimed lakhs of lives and there seems to be no cure as of now.

According to local reports, the matter came into the light after the airline sent several cargos full of medical supplies to help other countries fighting the deadly virus. Soon after, several images of boxes being unloaded from a China Airlines cargo plane, with Taiwan’s flag, emerged online and created a lot of confusion along with a fresh debate.

The netizens started expressing their concerns over the name of the airline saying that people would associate it with mainland China, and not with Taiwan. After the incident, it looks like officials at China Airlines agree with the idea of changing the name.

Su Tseng-chang, the current Premier of the Republic of China said that the whole world thanked Taiwan after China Airlines delivered the aid; however, because the airlines has the word ‘China’ on its fuselage, some countries, people and pictures mistakenly thought that China had sent them the masks.

Taiwan is officially known as the Republic of China, which happened after the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949. With all the uproar that has happened. Taiwan is considering the name change.

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