Stonehenge’s much-loved summer solstice event to be live streamed this year


Stonehenge’s much-loved summer solstice event to be live streamed this year

Stonehenge, which is famous for its summer solstice and attracts tons of visitors every year, will remain closed this year due to Coronavirus spread. However, this does not mean that the stunning view will remain off-limits this year.

This ancient and pre-historic monument in Europe, which hosts one of the world’s most famous summer solstice celebrations, won’t be hosting usual celebrations this time. Instead, the event will be hosted virtually this time. Reportedly, the event will be live streamed to ensure no one misses the celebrations, and the spread of the virus is also contained.

The English Heritage organisation, which manages the site, stated that this year, it will be hosting the event virtually on its social media pages. The Director of Stonehenge Nichola Tasker stated that they had consulted on whether they could have proceeded safely and hosted the event as per usual; however, due to the current circumstances because of COVID-19, they felt they had no choice, but to cancel. He said that they are now hoping that their live stream offers an alternative opportunity for people near and far to connect with this spiritual place during such a special time of year, and that they look forward to welcoming everyone back next year.

Stonehenge’s much-loved summer solstice event to be live streamed this year

Reportedly, the said event will be live streamed on June 21 (local time) on English Heritage’s social media platforms. The said event usually starts on June 20 and runs through June 21. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has enormous stones, set in a circular pattern, which is closely linked to the movement to stars and suns.

As per the English Heritage, on midsummer’s day in the northern hemisphere, the sun seems to rise from the left of the Heel Stone at the northeast end of the arrangement, whereas during midwinter’s day, the entire schedule is reversed. This means the builders of the structure had the solstices foremost in their mind when they were building it.

Make sure you set a reminder for the said date, so that you don’t miss the much-loved event of the year.

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