Seattle will soon have the world’s first human composting facility, Seattle


Seattle will soon have the world's first human composting facility

There’s probably nothing more personal than the feeling of experiencing the death of a loved one and everyone has different ways of dealing with the tragedy. In this regard, the city of Seattle in Washington decided to introduce the world’s first human composting facility that will allow people to turn their dearly departed into soil. When established, this will become the world’s first one-of-a-kind funeral home.

About the death care facility

This funeral home facility is spread across 18500 sq ft and the best part is the abundance of greenery around here. The natural-light filled space features 75 hexagonal-shaped vessels, where bodies can be stored for decomposition purposes. These vessels are stacked like a beehive, a gathering space that is meant for cremation ceremonies.

The US firm that goes by the name of Recompose will turn a body into a cubic yard of soil in just 30 days. The firm will offer $5500 services to turn a body into soil, and the best part is that families would be allowed to take as much soil as they want. The rest of the soil would go to sustaining conservation land in the nearby region.

Seattle will soon have the world's first human composting facility

As per data, when compared to other forms of burials, this process will use only one-eighth of the energy of cremation along with saving the environment from the production of nearly a metric ton of carbon dioxide.

In May 2019, Washington passed a bill that legalised the practice of the natural organic reduction of human remains. The environment-friendly burials can also take place in cities and places, where there is a scarcity of natural burial grounds.

Founded by the famous architect Katrina Spade, the facility was all set to be functional by 2021 but given the COVID-19 pandemic, its completion might get delayed.

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