Saudi Arabia to build an alluring, gigantic archipelago; launch scheduled in 2022, Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia to build an alluring, gigantic archipelago; launch scheduled in 2022

Saudi Arabia is building a gigantic archipelago resort to attract luxury travellers’ from across the globe. According to reports, the destination will be set with 50 luxury hotels and the first one will open in 2022. Named as the Red Sea Project, the archipelago will be the largest destination in the world solely powered by renewable energy.

With this, the Arabian government plans to achieve a 30 per cent net conservation benefit by 2040. The ambitious project not only aims at preserving the local environment but also seeks to enhance it. The project is said to be done fully by 2030. After completion, it will feature 8000 hotel rooms, 1300 residential properties, and all the contemporary amenities across 22 islands on the archipelago!

The energy will be generated from solar panels and wind turbines and it will feature the world’s largest battery storage facility. This is just one of the many many ambitious developments supported by the government’s Vision 2030 program. This is an initiative designed to boost tourism in Saudi and take away dependency from oil in the region.

John Pagano, CEO of The Red Sea Development Company said, “We are acutely aware of our responsibility to protect this pristine environment and adopted stringent measures from the very beginning. We’re leaving 75% of our island archipelago untouched and designating nine islands as special conversation zones.”

He also expressed that the number of travellers will be limited to one million per year to prevent over tourism in the future.

Apparently, before being hit by COVID-19, tourism was growing in Saudi Arabia and an exclusive e-visa program was announced by the kingdom. The growth, of course, came to a standstill during the pandemic.

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