Safe Road Trips And Car Travel After Pulmonary Embolism Or Blood Clot


Kyrimai..We loved this place…amazing location right on the water, lovely pool, decor, food…and in proximity to many beaches. I read travel guides as I was traveling—both online and in books—and usually knew a handful of things I wanted to see or do once I arrived in a new city. But I never planned out any sort of itinerary in advance—it was much more fun, and much more rewarding, to feel my way around. Just about anyplace you stay—from a cheap hostel to a fancy hotel—will have some folks who can give you great tips about the area that no travel guide can match.Travel

This tip is especially useful if you’ll be backpacking—because you have to carry all that stuff on your back! Naturally, you need to dress for the weather conditions in the region(s) where you’ll be traveling. You really need a lot less than you probably think—two pairs of pants, a mix of long- and short-sleeved shirts (five or six, max), one pair of shoes/boots (in addition to the ones you’ll be wearing), and if you’ll be traveling in warm weather, two pairs of shorts and a swimsuit. This doesn’t sound like much for a long trip, but keep in mind that you’ll be able to do laundry along the way, and it’s easier to buy more than to get rid off extras.

I usually choose wide silk scarves as I can do many things with it. As you can see in this picture, our granddaughter uses a wide silk scarf to accessorize her outfit. Wide scarves can be used as skirt or sarong so they are more useful. I can also use this to wrap around my neck when it is really cold. But when I get to cold weather destinations, I have very light but large scarves of pure wool and silk that are extremely warm. Again, these are scarves I can put inside my purse even if it is wide enough to cover most of myself.

DzMsLizzy- So Sad to hear about your Husbands health, and I wish you both well. But, as to camping females, I can remember at least two instances where there were two widows who had gotten together and purchased an RV and camped fulltime. So, never say never.

You are close to all these destinations, that is for sure. They are all wonderful, and you hardly have to leave your backyard. lol I have not been hiking at Havasupai, but I believe you can get to some areas by the river, which I have been on. It is beautiful, if i am thinking of the same place. I don’t think I would try the skybridge either! Walking across Glen Canyon Dam is high enough!

If your RV is too long, you will have to leave it parked at the entrance and retrieve it once you return. Never try to make this trip in your travel unit unless it is short enough, and you are a fearless driver! There are 14,000 foot drop offs with no guard rails and the road is narrow and windy.

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