Russian artist self-isolates in an art gallery


Russian artist self-isolates in an art gallery

A Russian artist has self-isolated himself during the COVID-19 lockdown, in an art gallery in Southern Russia, and was granted permission to paint, cook, exercise, and stay. He has a canary named Hertz for company and, of course, his paint brushes and colours.

Sergei Pronin is an administrator at the Pushkin Gallery, and when the lockdown was announced, he chose to remain inside his workplace. According to him, he wanted to work on an interesting series of paintings about the gallery itself. As of now, he has completed painting a view of the gallery, and is currently working on a painting dedicated to the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin, after whom the gallery is named.

Russian artist self-isolates in an art gallery

The artist Sergei Pronin has been regularly working as well as doing exercises such as aerobics, and stretching in the gallery since the lockdown. Of course, with the lockdown until April 30 in Russia, all galleries and museums are currently closed. Artists around the world are coming up with innovative ideas and ways to present their works. Pronin is quite beautifully becoming the voice of the gallery during this period of lockdown, and is depicting the character of this beautiful home of art during this solitary time.

The gallery first opened in 1902, and has an illustrious history attached to it. It used to operate as a military hospital for some time during World War II. Today, besides being a haven for artists and their works of art, the Pushkin Gallery also hosts concerts and theatre performances.

Sergei Pronin’s unique self-isolation is definitely one of the best stories we have heard so far. Do you also have a story? Do share!

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