Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor Castle’s garden opens to the public after 40 years, England


Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor Castle’s garden opens to the public after 40 years

For those fascinated by the lifestyle of the royals, this is a perfect opportunity as the Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth, the present Queen of England lives, has opened its garden gates to the public nearly after 40 years! Now you can also take a walk amid the beautiful green gardens where Queen Elizabeth wanders everyday.

For the first time in several decades, on August 8, Windsor Castle’s East Terrace Gardens were opened to commoners. The gorgeous garden is a crucial part of the grand Windsor Castle, which is one of the Queen’s official residences. The royal residence in the English county of Berkshire is the place where the Queen along with her husband, Prince Philip, spent her Coronavirus lockdown period.

But now that the royal couple has moved to their Balmoral Castle, the Queen decided to open up her gardens to commoners from August to September during the weekends only. These stunning gardens are home to nearly 3500 rose bushes and offer amazing views of Windsor Castle’s east facade. The fountain, built right in the centre of the garden, adds to the overall beauty of the castle.

History of the East Terrace Garden at Windsor Castle

The garden is not just visually captivating, it also poses a rich history as the garden was commissioned by King George IV himself. The construction of the royal garden began in 1824 and was completed in 1826. The prime purpose to build the garden was to add to the green views from the royal residence. Later, the garden featured 34 orange trees, which were sent by French King Charles X to King George IV.

The statues installed here were brought from the Privy Gardens at Hampton Court. The garden also features a set of four bronze figures, which were made by the famous French sculpture Hubert Le Sueur for Charles I in the 1630s. Later in 1971, Prince Philip redesigned the garden and rearranged several flowerbeds. He then personally designed a bronze lotus fountain as the centerpiece of the garden.

If you wish to visit this historic royal castle, then hurry, as the garden doors will shut down by the end of September. Tickets are available on the official website and interested people can also opt for guided walks and family activities inside.

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