Puerto Rico introduces some fun virtual tours and activities


Puerto Rico introduces some fun virtual tours and activities

A new initiative by Discover Puerto Rico could make many travel-sick people around the world very happy. According to a tweet by Discover Puerto Rico, this weekend you can take a virtual tour of this beautiful country, and also enjoy some very fun activities. In fact, Discover Puerto Rico has already been doing a tremendous job, with virtual salsa classes, cocktail mixing class, and Instagram cooking. Now, you need to look out for a rainforest tour, and a pilates class this weekend.

The El Yunque National Forest is a tropical rainforest, and has a walkway through the treetops! The tour is going to be conducted by Dr. Keenan Adams. The pilates class is going to be conducted by Nina Negron.

The plan is to keep travellers busy during this tough time, and this is also going to spread awareness regarding Puerto Rico. In a statement by the CEO of Discover Puerto Rico it has been said that Puerto Rico definitely does not encourage travellers to visit at this time, but they would like to share their culture with the rest of the world as well. These are being done to uplift the morale of people worldwide, and to help you daydream about visiting the island sometime in the future when things are better.

So this weekend get ready to explore the El Yunque National Forest, and to do some pilates. The beautiful tropical rainforest is a lovely place to visit, and has a wide variety of flora and fauna. You would be lucky to catch the tour and learn all about this place.

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