Poland will now allow vaccinated tourists to not undergo quarantine


Poland will now allow vaccinated tourists to not undergo quarantine

As vaccination is making its way into our lives, a lot of travels now revolve around it. If you are travelling to Poland, you can avoid quarantine by getting vaccinated. According to latest rules in Poland, if a traveller is vaccinated, he or she can avoid quarantine. But this rule applies to only those travellers who are permitted to travel to Poland, according to the rules of the nation. As of now, if you are travelling from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Georgia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea, Tunisia, and Australia, as well as their spouses and children, you are restricted from gaining entry.

According to Polish laws, travellers are supposed to undergo ten days of home quarantine. But if you happen to have a COVID-19 negative test report, and that has been taken 48 hours before arrival, then you can avoid the entire quarantine process. Now Polish authorities have further extended this rule to vaccinated travellers. As in, thsoe who are vaccinated can now avoid going under quarantine.

Poland will now allow vaccinated tourists to not undergo quarantine

Meanwhile, Poland has eased restrictions, so the country has opened up its skiing destinations for a two-week trial, and museums, art galleries, and shopping complexes have also reopened. On the other hand, cinemas, opera houses, and theatres have also opened up with fifty percent capacity in the country, and restaurants can serce take-away food only. However, it is important that travellers and locals continue to wear masks, and maintain social distancing at all times in public.

Poland is a terrific European destination that has a historical past, and it is full of great experiences for those who would like to explore Europe in its truest form.

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