Photographer in Sydney captures a rare blue whale seen only for the third time in a century!, Sydney


Photographer in Sydney captures a rare blue whale seen only for the third time in a century!

This year has been a mixed bag of emotions. The worst part still remains the never-imagined Coronavirus pandemic, but on the other hand, a number of gorgeous never-seen before marine, land and sky creatures were spotted, photographed and recorded. Recently, a majestic blue whale was captured by a Sydney-based photographer, Sean. The most amazing thing is that this possibly might be the third in a 100-year that a blue whale has been spotted.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in their press release said, “The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet yet despite its size it could have easily slipped by Sydney’s coast unnoticed.

The press release further said that the blue whales largely remain invisible and even the most avid whale watchers and researchers can’t spot them as they are rarely seen around the world.

Sean shared a picture and a video of the creature on his social media platforms and soon his post went viral. In his post he describes the blue whale as “one of the great wonders of the magical ocean” and that he never expected it would appear in front of him while watching humpback whales.

In his Instagram caption, he wrote, “Well where do I start; I’m speechless but could blurt out a million things at the same time,”. “To put their size into perspective; they grow to around 30metres, their tongue weighs the same as an elephant & their heart is the size of a car!

Ending his post he said “Hope you enjoy as much as I still am.”

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