Paris to Amsterdam in less than 90 minutes? Yes, you read that right


Paris to Amsterdam in less than 90 minutes? Yes, you read that right

While the world waits to travel and get on with its daily routine, there have been some improvements in transportation. Not just any improvement, but paving the way for futuristic travel. In the near future, you could possibly travel between Paris and Amsterdam in under 90 minutes. The hyperloop network is being planned by Dutch startup, Hardt Hyperloop.

Hardt Hyperloop is looking to build a route between Paris and Amsterdam in a way that it can carry passengers (up to 200000) through a network of tubes in less than 90 mins. The hyperloop levitating above a magnetic track, would be electric-powered, made from aluminium, and carbon fiber. It would look almost like a bullet train, but a more advanced version of it. This hyperloop should be able to travel 965 km per hour.

Paris to Amsterdam in less than 90 minutes? Yes, you read that right

This futuristic travel technology would certainly shorten the time it takes to travel between cities in Europe, and has the potential to benefit the economy. Business travellers would also find a great new way to travel. But we would have to wait to experience this excellent mode of transportation, as according to reports, the plan is to make this happen by 2040. Of course, the hyperloop network is also an environmentally-friendly way to travel.

Currently, developers are wondering whether these pods would be suitable for all ages. Moreover, they are trying to ascertain as to how easily can passengers be vacated from it in case of an emergency. Needless to say, there is a lot of work to be done here before the hyperloop gets officially launched. This could as well be the new form of transportation in the future.

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