New Zealand declares itself COVID-free; to ease all restrictions with immediate effect


New Zealand declares itself COVID-free; to ease all restrictions with immediate effect

New Zealand will be lifting all restrictions related to COVID-19 almost immediately, except the strict border controls, as the country has no active cases at present. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announced this after the health officials declared that there are no known active cases of the Coronavirus now, and stated that the country had united in unprecedented ways to crush the virus.

Reportedly, the health officials confirmed that they have not reported positive cases for 17 days straight. The last COVID-19 patient recovered, and showed no symptoms of virus for 48 hours, who was then announced as recovered at St Margaret’s Hospital and Rest Home in Auckland on Monday.

Referring to this, the New Zealand Prime Minister emphasized the sacrifices made by the nationals, including the rigorous seven-week lockdown, which was crucial for containing the spread of the deadly virus. And when asked about her reaction on this, she stated, “I did a little dance” with baby daughter Neve.

New Zealand declares itself COVID-free; to ease all restrictions with immediate effect

Now, as per the latest reports, New Zealand will move down to Level 1, i.e., the lowest rating on its four-tier virus response team, which means nightclubs will now be able to operate without any restrictions on dance floor, and theatres will also open. Earlier, the government imposed a four-tier alert system, and restrictions were gradually eased as the infection rate began to slow.

This development also means that it is ready to proceed with sporting events with crowds in the stands. This also means that weddings, hospitality and public transport will also resume from Monday midnight, and that too without any restrictions. As of now, the borders will remain closed.

Arden also added that they have a headstart on economic recovery because at Level 1, New Zealand will become one of the most open, if not the most open economies of the world.

The Prime Minister, however, urged the citizens to keep a record of where they go to ensure contact tracing is possible if the virus resurfaces again.

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