Mysterious monolith appears at Mumbai’s Joggers Park


Mysterious monolith appears at Mumbai’s Joggers Park

Now, a metal monolith has popped up at the Jogger’s Park in Mumbai! Bandra residents were stunned to spot it in the park recently. In recent times, this phenomenon of popping up and vanishing of monoliths at multiple locations across the world, has left netizens in an awe. As per the latest reports, while the first monolith was seen in India’s Ahmedabad, the second one has been recently spotted in Mumbai.

Reportedly, those who went for their morning walk on Wednesday, spotted it at the said park in Mumbai. It is approximately a 12 ft metallic column, which was placed exactly at the centre, and was cordoned off with several bags of saplings.

Reports have it that the spotting of the monolith in Mumbai got a wider attention when Bandra Municipal Councillor Asif Zakaria shared a few images of the mysterious structure on Twitter. He tweeted, “It’s here! Mysterious #monolith appeared in #Mumbai! Check it out at Joggers Park Bandra!”. He further added that the structure has numbers etched on its side, and stated, “Let’s try & figure out what they mean”.

Reportedly, the monolith that appeared in the last week of 2020 in Symphony Forest Park, had numbers etched on it. The engravings were likely coordinates of notable national parks across India. However, after marking its presence for two weeks, it disappeared mysteriously like the rest of the metallic structures disappeared across the globe, and was then replaced with a sphere. While it’s still not clear if the same artist is behind the Mumbai monolith, the same approach in both the structures can be witnessed.

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