Machu Picchu to host a historic all-women trek this month


Machu Picchu to host a historic all-women trek this month

Machu Picchu will be hosting a trek for an all-women team of tour leaders and porters on March 30, 2021. As per the reports, the all-women team of porters and tour leaders will be leading the all-women group of clients via the Andes to the awe-inspiring Inca citadel.

As per the reports, the trek has been designed to break stereotypes and, most importantly, this all-women initiative will be supporting women against discrimination, and provide an opportunity to earn a fair income.

Reportedly, 8 to 10 porters and two tour guides, will be carrying a 15 kg pack of cooking and camping equipment from start to finish. Initially, it was planned that the hike will comprise the classic four-day Inca Trail trek, however, due to recent government restrictions, they have been forced to alter their trek route. As such, now they will start their journey on the Inca Trail at KM102, after which they will transition to the stunning Salkantay Trail for a five-day trek.

Machu Picchu to host a historic all-women trek this month

Reports have it that the women will set up camp every day, as well as guide their clients along the celebrated trail. Further, they will be paid the same wage as men, which is around $87 for a five-day trek plus tips.

Until 2017, porters were exclusively men but when Evolution Treks Peru and other companies started hiring women tour leaders and porters, things started to change.

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