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Kati and I love Prague and the Czech Republic.  We were there when a football game was being broadcast in the old town square with thousands of people all crowded in.  We loved driving to it from Vienna, Austria going through the small towns and farm areas until the road ended and a dirt path took over. We loved walking around and finding a small pizzeria about 3AM packed with people having a good time. We loved the people, the history and the vibe of this cool city. As the historic home of Bohemia, Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe. People from all around the world come to check out this fairy-tale-like city with its medieval architecture, unique style, fancy bridges, and gold-tipped towers and cathedrals. It’s a charming and colorful city and along with other major European cities nearby like Vienna and Krakow, Prague is at the top of Central European spots to visit. Prague was founded in the 9th century and became the historic home of Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors. The city luckily survived two world wars with minimal damage done to it and along with the “New Town” area being built in the 14th century, the core of Prague is one big UNESCO World Heritage Site. We would recommend putting Prague on your next to-do list when in Europe.  As with any place, where to stay is always the question asked.

With millions of people visiting every year, there is a vast amount of options for staying in the city, no matter what your budget is. The peak season for travelers is generally between April to October so naturally, prices will be higher. But if you’re looking to travel on the cheap, Prague has a ton of budget-friendly options located in gorgeous historic buildings that can rival any luxury hotel. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Prague, check out these great accommodations.



Sir Toby’s: For under 100$ you can experience the grandeur of Prague in a hotel that doesn’t feel it’s the price you’d be paying for it. Sir Toby’s is a short 2-minute trek to public transport and not only that but you’ll also be only 10 minutes away from the heart of the old city. Sir Toby’s offers individually decorated rooms located in a beautifully redecorated art nouveau building. Free WiFi is available in the common areas and most guest accommodations come with a private bathroom. Hang out at the on-site brick-cellar pub and enjoy a drink with some fellow guests and if you happen to be a traveling musician, you can negotiate with Sir Toby’s for a free stay in exchange for entertaining fellow guests. 

Sophie’s Hostel: If you’re looking to upgrade a little, there is also a sister hotel named “hotel Miss Sophie’s”. But for those looking for a nice and simple place to stay, Sophie’s Hostel is a great upscale and colorful spot in the city. The accommodation has everything you’d want in a hostel from comfy and clean beds to showers with great water pressure. More than that, the place is lively with an underground bar and lots of events run by the staff. For an extra 6$, you can also book a daily breakfast buffet access. 

Hostel One: With over three locations around the city, Hostel One is easily one of the best spots, especially for younger crowds. It’s a great place to make some friends, and the on-site events make staying here a party. Guests can get a free homemade dinner every night and with on-site amenities like Netflix access, beer pong tournaments, and gaming consoles, the fun never stops. 

Travel & Joy: While there are plenty of hostels and budget-friendly hotels aimed at younger folks looking to meet up and party, Travel & Joy leans on a more relaxed vibe. The atmosphere at Travel & Joy is low-key, it’s the type of place where you can enjoy a private room, but still, hang out with fellow guests if you’re feeling social. Located just outside the heart of the city, the surroundings are also a bit more relaxed and their summer terrace is a perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee or evening chit chat. Travel & Joy also hosts an amazing traditional  Czech restaurant on-site so you don’t have to go very far to grab a bite. 



U Raka: Sitting right behind the Prague Castle is the little family-run hotel of U Raka. In a place where using the term “charming” might be a little cliche, the property at U Raka is truly a charming experience. For travelers looking for something a little different than your run-of-the-mill place to stay, U Raka feels like you’re in a tiny Bohemian village while being right in the heart of the historic center of the city. The space is small, however, with only six rooms available at a time, so while it can be difficult to get a spot, the quaintness only adds to the property’s family-cottage-in-the-mountain appeal. 

U Raka sits on a quiet cobblestone lane and was originally a cluster of houses due to be demolished in 1980. They were rescued and revitalized, then turned into an inn filled with personal photographs from the owner, a quiet courtyard filled with flowers, and a daily breakfast buffet. 

Salabka: While the Czechs are probably more known for their beer (which is plentiful and cheap), you’d be amiss if you didn’t check out some of their locally produced wine. For the foodie traveler or person looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city center, Salabka is the place to stay for you. Salabka is located about a 30-minute outside of the city and situated on a hill above the Toja Castle. The space is quite popular and known for its amazing on-site gourmet restaurant that serves wine straight from their own vineyard. 

When it comes to accommodations, there are six apartments on the property open to guests, each with their own name corresponding to the grape varietals in the nearby vineyard. The rooms themselves are stocked with wine and if the on-site gourmet restaurant and wine aren’t enough to convince you, there are also gastronomy excursions available to book as well. 

U Medvidku-Brewery Hotel: While Salabka is the wine-lovers place to stay, U Medvidku is definitely the place for lovers of beer. Czech beer is big around the country and Europe, and at the U Medvidku, you can enjoy nights at the on-site beer garden. The hotel is a historic place with its on-site restaurant dating back to 1466, making it one of the oldest continually operated restaurants and bars in Prague. The restaurant serves characteristically Czech cuisine and homemade beer and when guests check in, they’ll get a complimentary beer upon arrival. 

When it comes to the rooms here, the space is again, authentically Czech. Renaissance-era painted ceilings and exposed beams give the space a touch of old-world charm but the modern amenities like WiFi and space heaters in the beer garden remind you that, after all, this is the 21st century. The hotel is a stone’s throw away from public transport so getting around the city is simple and easy, while landmarks such as the Czech National Theater and Old Town Square are a short walk away. 

987 Design Prague Hotel: Located in the heart of the city, there are tons of options for people looking to stay somewhere with plenty of historic character. But the 987 Design Prague Hotel is a modern and chicly-designed hotel styled by local designers. There’s plenty of old stuff to see in the city, so why not stay somewhere new and modern? 

All rooms here feature hardwood floors, air temperature control, flat-screen TVs, and a spacious bathroom with gorgeous walk-in showers. Free WiFi is also available and their morning breakfast buffet options are amazing with plentiful baked goods and pastries available for those with a sweet tooth. If you’re not a morning person, the 987 bar and lounge serves a wide array of drinks in an elegant setting. 



Carlo IV: The luxurious Carlo IV is located in the heart of the city and features plenty of upscale elegance that while still classy, won’t break the bank either. The facade is stunning and large, having been a bank in a former life. The Neoclassical design of the space lends itself well to what it is now –  a gorgeous hotel in the middle of the city. Modern art is lavishly placed about the common spaces and its high ceilings and 19th-century architecture give a bit of old-school charm while still retaining its notions of modernity. 

Guest rooms come complete with air conditioning, lavish bathrooms with free toiletries, free WiFi, stocked minibars, and a flat screen TV. Modern European and Czech cuisine is served in the on-site restaurant or grab an expertly crafted cocktail in the Ox lounge. One of Carlo IV’s biggest selling points is its amazing spa service. The lavish spa is located in the basement with an oversized indoor pool and Turkish bath that was once the vault of the bank. Sweat it out in the sauna or relax in the hot tub followed by a dip in the pool. 

Golden Well Hotel: The Golden Well Hotel is a well-hidden gem sitting right at the foot of Prague Castle. It’s so well-hidden that even trying to find it on google maps might prove to be a little difficult. But should you find it, you’ll be pleasantly taken aback by its 16th-century architecture and tasteful decor that gives the space plenty of charm. 

The space is romantic with an amazing terrace space with outdoor dining right next to the castle, making it one of the hottest spots in town to eat. The Golden Well Hotel even features a private entrance to Royal Garden next door. Guestrooms are elegant and not too flashy with warm colors and dark accents They also come equipped with iPads for your googling and room controlling needs. Book an in-room massage and gaze out at the beautiful Prague Castle nearby. 

Smetana: Located in the Old Town right across the Charles Bridge, the palatial Smetana Hotel will make you feel like an Austro-Hungarian Emperor. The cobblestone plaza and Baroque design are straight out of the 17th century and the 48 guestrooms available on-site make the experience seem small and quaint, and like it’s all for you. 

A variety of guestrooms are available, including one of which was Mozart’s favorite. The spaces are lavish-yet-refined with crystal chandeliers, four-poster beds, and elegant drapery. L’Occitane toiletries are included as well as air-conditioning, WiFi access, TV, minibars, espresso makers, and plush bathrobes. For your wining and dining pleasure, the on-site Czech-French fusion restaurant offers world-class service while the café and cigar club are located on the property’s former chapel.

One Room Hotel: In order to be able to book the room at the One Room Hotel, you might need to wait a while. One Room Hotel, as the name suggests is a hotel that, you guessed, only has one room. But it is one amazing room. Located at the top of the Žižkov TV tower, the entire top floor is the hotel room. The very exclusive and upscale room offers the best views of the city from 230 feet above the ground. 

The suite comes with plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows so you can enjoy the view from anywhere, and the massive bathroom has a spacious soaking tub. Enjoy an in-room massage, dinner with a view, and breakfast delivered to you in the morning while you take in the incredible view.


Our Final Word

Prague ranks in our Top 10 cities of the world and we will return again and again.  We recommend anyone traveling in Europe to take a few days and visit this cool, fun city with warm and welcoming people.


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