Kanpur is offering a drive-in restaurant spot for those who miss eating out, Kanpur


Kanpur is offering a drive-in restaurant spot for those who miss eating out

Given the current situation, social distancing, sanitisers and face masks have become an essential part of our lives, which needs to be followed even while going out meeting friends. Also, eating at restaurants now seem like things from the past. However, humans have the habit of not giving up, thereby embracing outdoors like never before. On the same sentiments, a hospitality group in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur has come up with a drive-in picnic concept wherein interested people can enjoy restaurant experience while maintaining social distancing.

More about the drive-in restaurant

A hospitality group in Kanpur has transformed two of its banquet lawns into a drive-in restaurant. Here, people can park their cars, order food and enjoy dining where diners can order food and enjoy it in their car or choose to sit outside on picnic tables and chairs laid by the organisers.

The initiative Drive & Dine is the brainchild of Yash Malhotra and Insha Malhotra. The duo run several restaurants and hotels in the city. Insha said, “We noticed the one thing people weren’t afraid of was going for drives. Being in their own space made people comfortable. And this is how the idea sparked.”

Drive & Dine is set in a lovely lawn in the city’s Cantonment region. As you’ll enter, a kiosk will welcome and check your temperature. It will also sanitise the bonnet of the cars and then a token number will be provided to you with the details of parking. And each car will be provided with a slot.If anyone wants to enjoy a picnic outside, organisers will have benches placed right next to the car, else one can just sit back in their comfy car seats and enjoy the green landscape. The ordered food will arrive in a golf cart to maintain a proper social distancing. The menu is pretty interesting too. One can order from a list of Italian delicacies, such as pasta to pizzas, or choose Indian street food like kathi rolls, among others.

To keep the place virus safe, the area will be sanitised with electrostatic guns, and guests will be provided with a special case to place their face masks when it is not being used. Not only this, the crockery and cutlery will also be sterilised in a UV sterilisation chamber.

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