Italy to open its border and lift lockdown in phases


Italy to open its border and lift lockdown in phases

The Italian border is soon going to open, and citizens would be permitted to roam freely within the country. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has signed a decree for the same. Italy has been under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the last two months. One of the worst-hit nations, Italy is now looking towards the future with renewed zest.

According to reports, shops, and restaurants will reopen on May 18, and Italians will be permitted complete free movement. With the borders reopening, travellers can now come into Italy, and they would not even have to undergo a quarantine period. However, all this can change if the virus re-emerges. Italy’s gyms, swimming pools, and sports centres are reopening on May 25, while cinemas and theatres are opening on June 15. Catholic churches too are looking to resume Mass, but worshippers must wear masks.

Italy to open its border and lift lockdown in phases

Prime Minister Conte said that Italy is taking a calculated risk as the curve may rise again, and the country needs to start rebuilding sometime. He further said that Italy has already faced a lot of problems due to this pandemic, including a falling economy, and social structure. The country cannot possibly wait for a vaccine to restart life.

These relaxations are not going to take place at once, and will only happen in phases as mentioned above, in order to avoid a second wave of the virus. However, it is very clear that all of this free movement can only happen with enforced social distancing that must be practised by each and every citizen.

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