Italy to develop a hiking trail to connect all of its national parks


Italy to develop a hiking trail to connect all of its national parks

An all-new Italian hiking trail is set to attract travellers; this new trail, the Italian national park trail is going to connect 25 national parks. The Trail of the Parks, which is known as Sentiero dei Parchi in Italian is a massive trail that will connect the parks, all the way from the Alps through the Apennines to Isles Sicily and Sardinia. Hikers will also get to go through the beautiful Dolomites. It has been reported that currently the trail is 7000 km long, and will grow even more with time. It already connects 18 national parks out of the 25.

Such trails are quite common across the world. Even the United States has one that connects more than 125 existing trails. All the way from Washington D.C. to Washington State. In Italy, the trail will also include protected areas, biosphere reserves, and UNESCO natural sites.

Italy to develop a hiking trail to connect all of its national parks

A popular publication has also reported that there is going to be a passport for travellers, who go through the trail. It is going to be a record that will get stamped at each stop so that in the end, those who complete the entire trail are recognised.

According to a statement by the Minister of Environment, Italy, the new trail is going to reflect “how much we value our immense natural heritage and its valorisation when it comes to sustainable tourism, especially in this post-COVID moment when we all feel the need to be outside a bit more.”

However, it is going to take some time before the trail is complete. But, in the meanwhile, you could visit the existing trail and get used to it so that when the time comes, you can complete this magnificent trail.

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