In another bizarre 2020 twist, Australia’s foam-filled beaches get snake infested, Australia


In another bizarre 2020 twist, Australia's foam-filled beaches get snake infested

Australia is an alluringly wild country, with a bizarre turn of incidents bringing it back to the headlines. Recent addition to the list of weird happenings in the country is its snakes-infested beaches! Deadly snakes and spiders and other scary animals are lurking in some of Australia’s foam-filled beaches now. As of now, the world of social media is flooded with some really rare and scary pictures of giant spiders and snakes and whatnot!

With such sightings, the Australian government had to release a tourist advisory to keep outsiders safe. The visitors to New South Wales have been asked to be super careful or rather stay away from the beaches as sea-snakes are lurking in the waters.

Adding to the problem is the thick and dense foams, caused due to storms that have covered the sea and beaches entirely. Storms have mixed and churned the seawater with algae, salts, fats and pollutants to create a thick layer of foam. This foam has now covered the surface of seawater, making it dangerous for visitors.

In another bizarre 2020 twist, Australia's foam-filled beaches get snake infested

Not only this, the stormy waters have also filled the shores with huge debris. Nathan Fife from Surf Lifesaving Australia told the local media, “There’s been trees and things like that have washed up. I think there was half a cow that washed up at the beach yesterday, so make sure what’s in front of you — there are trees and logs floating around, so please be careful.”

This clearly means that if you visit the beaches of New South Wales, you won’t know what’s around your feet. So it’s advised to stay away from these places.

Recently, a video of a dog being rescued from the foam has gone viral on Twitter.

The authorities have warned tourists and locals to keep away from these beaches and avoid swimming at all cost to ensure safety.

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