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Hotel industry in Himachal Pradesh is not in favour of Quarantine Tourism

Although hotels across Himachal Pradesh have done poor business this season due to the absence of tourists, they are not in favour of the state government’s decision to promote Quarantine Tourism. A decision that was made in order to boost the tourism industry affected by the lockdown.

Hoteliers told a leading online daily that the peak tourism season from May-June end is almost over now. It won’t be wise for hotels to welcome tourists when COVID-19 cases are rising in the state and the nation.

A few weeks ago, the Himachal Pradesh government had proposed that it would welcome tourists with COVID-19 symptoms to spend two weeks under quarantine. This Quarantine Tourism was expected to help the tourism industry in the state to recover from its financial losses.

Reportedly, the Lahaul and Spiti Hoteliers’ Association, as well as several public bodies and panchayats in the villages have banned entry into the region for non-natives and tourists.

Hotel industry in Himachal Pradesh is not in favour of Quarantine Tourism

On the other hand, a decision was made in Kullu-Manali, Dharamsala and Chail to keep homestays, hotels and resorts shut for tourists arriving for Quarantine Tourism. Sanjay Sood, who is the president of Shimla Hotel and Restaurant Association, told the press that if hotels, resorts and homestays are kept open for Corona-positive tourists, they can infect the local staff, natives and other guests. The decision had been conveyed to the state CM and the tourism authorities that no hotel or resort will be allowed to open until a vaccine is made available and cases decrease.

Sood also added that the hoteliers would need two to three months to prepare their staff to look after their guests, the properties, and themselves as per the COVID-19 guidelines.

Tashi Hayarpa, President, Lahaul-Spiti Hoteliers Association told the press that hotels and monasteries in the region won’t be opened this year to the outsiders. The hoteliers also told the press that at least till the end of August or September, hotels should not be opened unless there is a cure available for the virus.

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