Faroe Islands is offering virtual vacation with a remote-controlled tour guide


Faroe Islands is offering virtual vacation with a remote-controlled tour guide

With the world fighting the COVID-19 pandemic together, almost everyone is under lockdown and experiencing isolation with nowhere to travel. This piece of information will, however, bring a smile on the face of those homebound travellers who are in desperate need of a trip.

The Faroe Islands, with a population of around 50000, are not like any other and settle halfway between Iceland and Norway. And now, a new remote tour will allow armchair travellers to enjoy outdoors, explore pristine landscapes, rugged mountains, and take a sigh of relief while experiencing the wild seascapes, with the occasional Faroese sheep.

What is interesting about this entire concept is that the Faroe Islands are welcoming travellers, albeit virtually, from around the world via their tables, mobile devices, and PCs. The new tool will allow you to explore the landscape of the islands in an up-close and personal manner, by allowing you to interact with a local Faroese, who will provide you a virtual explanation regarding the destination.

Faroe Islands is offering virtual vacation with a remote-controlled tour guide

The locals have been equipped with a live video camera, which will enable virtual visitors to not only enjoy the views from an on-the-spot perspective but will also enable them to control where and what to explore. They can do so by using their computer or phone keypad to walk, turn, run and even jump.

This tool will provide you real-life computer game experience, where the main player will be able to control the moves of the Faroe local, who will be exploring locations on foot, and also take to the skies by helicopter giving the virtual visitors a bird’s eye perspective of the islands, its steep grassy slopes, its 80000 sheep, as well as its unspoiled natural countryside.

These virtual tours started on Wednesday, April 15, and will be available once or twice daily, for around 10 days, i.e., live streaming on Visit Faroe Islands’ Facebook and Instagram pages. Interestingly, the Visit Faroe Islands tourist board team will also be online in real-time to answer any queries, thereby providing both expert knowledge and inspiration regarding things to see and places to visit.

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