Easily Manage Your Booking.com Content From STAAH Channel Manager



STAAH properties using Booking.com as a channel can now manage, create and modify all their Booking.com listing directly from STAAH channel manager.

What does this mean?

With the new Booking.com content update, you can now

  1. Create a brand-new legal entity on Booking.com
  2. Map to an existing Booking.com listing (not mapped in STAAH)
  3. Map to an existing room type or rate plan setup on Booking.com
  4. Create a new room type on Booking.com
  5. Create a new rate plan and link to an existing Booking.com room type

Benefits of Managing Booking.com content from STAAH are:

  • Gives you direct access from the extranet which means managing directly from STAAH
  • No more separate logging into your channel for any updates.
  • Saves time
  • Real-time updates
  • Create listings & self map from STAAH

How to enable Booking.com from your STAAH Channel Manager

  • Go to Setup in your STAAH Extranet > click on Channels
  • Select Booking.Com from the drop-down box

  • If you have an account >select “Yes I do” > need to add Legal entity ID (optional) and Channel Hotel ID

  • Select currency
  • Select taxes (if applicable)
  • Select rate pricing type
  • Next > to divert to the channel mapping page

  • If you don’t have a Booking.com account, then click “No I don’t ” – To create a brand new listing and generate a legal entity on Booking.com

On the Channel Mapping page

  • You will see the below (this indicates no mapping in place )
  • Click – Link to location ID > Select Booking.com ID
  • Begin mapping steps from there

For a detailed step-to-step guide click here

1) Map to a room/rate set in Booking.com –

this option is to map room type in Channel manager to a room/rate plan listed on Booking.Com. This applies to channel manager room types that are currently not mapped on Booking.com.

For detailed steps click here 

2) Create a new rate plan or link to the existing rate plan to room –

this option allows you to map an existing Booking.com rate plan or create a new rate plan in Booking.com

For detailed steps click here

3) Add a new room on Booking.com –  

this option allows you to create a new room type on Booking.com

Read the detailed steps here

Content Management via STAAH

  1. Listings created through MAX – access to manage full content
  2. Listings created directly on Booking.com – access to manage cancellation policy and meal plan at the rate plan level. Full content, continue to manage via Booking.com extranet.

If you have any questions relating to this new feature, feel free to contact your local support team who can assist you.

Thoughtful Thursday: Easily Manage your Booking.com Content from STAAH Channel Manager was last modified: July 1st, 2022 by Nashi Dasgupta


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