Dubai now has an app to help tourists navigate through COVID-risk zones


Dubai now has an app to help tourists navigate through COVID-risk zones

Dubai just got an app that will facilitate travel of visitors as well as ensure their safety. As per the latest reports, a UAE-based company has launched
Epic Reality, touted to be a safety that will act as a city guide, and will also provide real-time updates regarding the city’s risk and safe zones.

The said app will be an AR-powered travel app, which will help you navigate Dubai without any hassle.

Epic Reality will also provide critical information regarding COVID-19 health precautions, including facial wear and dress code policies, social distance practices, temperature check and much more. The data will be compiled from the most up-to-date international data sources, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

Apart from this, visitors will be able to browse the listing of fun activities, travel tours, events, restaurants, sightseeing spots, cafes, and bars, and also get to know more about each venue to ensure their safe stay during their trip to Dubai.

Dubai now has an app to help tourists navigate through COVID-risk zones

What is more interesting about this app is that it will serve as the one-shop travel app, enabling users to rotate 360 degrees and explore the unexplored and hidden spots around them. The app uses augmented reality to display the distance, latitude, and altitude of any spot. Tourists can download this app when in Dubai, and it will soon be made available in the rest of the UAE in the coming days.

Referring to this app, Epic Reality Co-Founder Ahmad Daneshvar said that they are excited to be able to allow visitors enjoy their trip to Dubai in a safe and risk-free environment by enabling them to stay well-informed regarding the city’s health and safety measures.

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