Dubai all set to reopen water parks at 50 percent capacity


Dubai all set to reopen water parks at 50 percent capacity

Dubai water parks are all geared up to start operations, and as per the latest reports, preparations are underway. This was announced recently by the Emirate’s tourism authority that also issued a circular to the park operators.

As per a circular distributed by the Dubai Municipality, waterparks can now open at 50 per cent capacity, provided strict guidelines and precautionary measures are in place. As per the circular, all attractions (such as slides and rides), showers, locker rooms, and changing rooms can open if proper safety measures are followed. As per order, water parks will be required to be disinfected and cleaned, whereas all water systems will undergo checks on a regular basis to ensure they are properly maintained and safe.

Some of the precautionary measures include mandatory face masks, temperature checks, and putting up sanitiser stations. The circular issued to hotels and recreational facilities also mentioned that eight other types of activities can also be permitted to operate, such as dhow sailing, desert safari trips, dune bashing, helicopter rides, kayaking, and jet skiing.

Dubai all set to reopen water parks at 50 percent capacity

Dubai Municipality’s strict set of guidelines has mandated operators of waterparks in Dubai to make sure all such facilities undergo water quality tests and deep cleaning before they are reopened.

Further, among the list of 38 rules there is this guideline that states visitors are required to bring their own accessories and towels, and that they will not be allowed to borrow towels from the facilities in the waterparks.

The guidelines also state that operators need to discourage visitors from sharing items, such as goggles, snorkels, and nose clips that are meant to come in contact with the face but are difficult to clean, sanitise, or disinfect.

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