Dining in the middle of nowhere can be the new normal, and this restaurant leads the way


Dining in the middle of nowhere can be the new normal, and this restaurant leads the way

If you are afraid of booking a table in a restaurant due to COVID-19 pandemic, how about dining in the middle of nowhere? Well, this Swedish restaurant, aptly named
Nowhere, has come up with a unique concept that takes social distancing to the next level.

With countries around the world gradually relaxing restrictions, restaurants and tourist hotspots are also opening up for tourists. In fact, restaurants and cafes are coming up with their best ideas to adapt to the new world amid COVID-19. In such a scenario, a Swedish restaurant has launched a brand new concept, i.e., dinner in the wild, with only nature as company. This restaurant is serving individual diners in the middle of nowhere.
Nowhere has six tables that are laid out around a reserve, so that people come in zero contact with each other.

This unique dining experience has been created by Oddbird, a Swedish winery. Tables are located near scenic locations, like one is set up in the middle of a forest, one by a meadow, and so on. To those looking for a getaway, but fear risk of infection, this dining experience will definitely give you a high. Referring to this, a representative from the winery said that the restaurant will give diners an opportunity to reflect and find magic in simple things.

All the tables have been made by the Danish interior design duo, The Normans, who used recycled materials and furniture to create this experience. As regarding the menu, it has been created by Marion Ringborg and Linn Soderstrom, and all non-alcoholic wines of Oddbird’s will be served along with the meal.

Reservations are already open, whereas the restaurant is expected to open on August 20, 2020. If you want to book a table for yourself, check out the Oddbird website.

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