DGCA: Photography or videography not banned on flights


DGCA: Photography or videography not banned on flights

Air travellers will be able to continue clicking pictures and take videos onboard aircrafts. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) clarified this and stated that passengers can take videos and photos while inside the flights; however, existing exceptions and safety norms will apply.

It has to be noted that one will not be allowed to use any recording equipment that disrupts flight operations, creates chaos, or violates safety norms that compromise the air safety of others.

The DGCA in its statement said, “It is clarified that a bonafide passenger travelling in an aircraft engaged in scheduled air transport services may do still and video photography from inside such an aircraft when in flight; takeoff and landing… however, this permission does not include use of recording equipment which imperils or compromises air safety; violates prevalent norms; creates chaos or disruption during operation of flight or expressly prohibited by crew.

The clarification comes in the wake of the aviation regulator issuing an order for commercial flights that stated airline’s service on a particular route can be suspended for two weeks if it fails to act against passengers or crew members who violate in-flight norms, such as ban on mid-air photography; and that the suspension would remain in place until the said airline takes action against violation of the norms.

The order was issued in the aftermath of an incident that involved media personnel filming on board an IndiGo flight in which Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut was travelling. A video of media personnel recording inside the flight went viral on social media. It is expected that DGCA will also initiate action against the media personnel involved in the said incident.

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