Denmark to allow cross-border lovers enter the country, if they can prove their relationship


Denmark to allow cross-border lovers enter the country, if they can prove their relationship

Denmark recently eased border restrictions with Germany and other Nordic countries. This move allowed residents of Nordic countries and Germany to enter Denmark if they have a parent, or a child, a summer house, any type of relative or a lover there.

This step also allows cross-border couples to meet again, who were separated in the wake of COVID-19 lockdown. However, there is a catch in this, i.e., the couples are required to prove that they have been in a relationship for at least six months. This, however, also means that those whose relationship is based only on mails and phone calls, will not be able to meet under these current circumstances of entry restrictions.

Referring to this, the Danish police added that couples will be required to show private photos, text messages or personal information about their partner in order to enter Denmark to meet their partner. The Deputy Chief stated that they realise how intimate these things are, however, the decision to let the partner in will eventually rest on the judgement of the individual police officer. The guidelines regarding entry also state that for those who intend to enter Denmark and act on this opportunity, as per the Danish law enforcement, although the extent of ‘proof’ will depend on the decision of the person, entry into the country will not be always guaranteed.

Denmark to allow cross-border lovers enter the country, if they can prove their relationship

However, the said step by the law enforcement to survey private conversations between partners and spouses faced a lot of criticism, after which Denmark’s Minister of Justice Nick Haekkerup said a written statement confirming the relationship’s existence would now be enough to determine eligibility for entry. As per the reports, when contacted about this new protocol, the Danish Parliament did not revert by the time of publication.

Although this comes as a good news, this step also highlights the issues and facts that the authorities would likely face around the world while opening up their borders gradually. On March 14, Denmark closed its borders to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, and put a stop to the number of people entering the country. Since then, only elderly couples were seen on each side of the border, i.e., the Danish-German border, holding hands and sipping a cup of coffee to stay in touch with each other.

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