COVID-19 impact: Rice ATMs are now feeding jobless people in Vietnam


COVID-19 impact: Rice ATMs are now feeding jobless people in Vietnam

We have heard of money ATMs, food ATMs and gold ATMs (in Dubai). And now, to our sweet surprise, a man in Vietnam has achieved a remarkable feat in philanthropy by inventing a rice ATM!

A machine that dispenses rice for the needy has been made by Hoang Tuan Anh, an entrepreneur from Ho Chi Minh City. The project has been financed by businessmen and generous donors to serve the street vendors or daily wage workers, who are struggling for their livelihood in the times of Coronavirus. These people are especially benefitting from this 24×7 rice ATM. The machine dispenses free rice, which is enough for the daily consumption of a family of four.

Reportedly, in Hanoi, a large water tank having ample rice dispenses the grain into the bags of seekers from 8 AM to 5 PM every day. According to a local newspaper, people in Hanoi have to stand in a queue maintaining the distance of six feet from each other to get rice from the ATM machine. It is also compulsory for them to sanitise their hands before collecting the rice.

COVID-19 impact: Rice ATMs are now feeding jobless people in Vietnam

On the other hand, in the central city of Hue, the rice ATM situated at a college dispenses 2 kg rice without any cost to the local people. The rice ATM in Ho Chi Minh City operates full time for dispensing the rice, and two rice ATMs are due to be installed in Da Nang province. Rice is one of the highly cultivated crops in Vietnam.

Vietnam has 265 positive cases of COVID-19, but no death has been reported so far. However, the government of Vietnam has implemented strong social distancing measures. Several small business owners are struggling for their daily food as the government has ordered them to shut shop till further notice.

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