California’s orange poppy bloom is so bright that it is visible from space; NASA shares pictures, California


California’s orange poppy bloom is so bright that it is visible from space; NASA shares pictures

In an unbelievable event, the super bright orange poppy bloom in the USA’s Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve can be seen from space! A series of images were shared by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently, showing the beauty of orange wildflowers that have bloomed on a massive scale.

After suffering from months of drought, rainfall in the months of March and April helped the poppy fields to bloom. NASA shared the images on its Earth Observatory website, and said that these images were taken on April 14 by the Operational Land Imager (OLI).

NASA on the website said, “While the orange poppies are easy to spot in satellite imagery, the fields also contain cream cups, forget-me-nots, purple bush lupines, and yellow goldfields (a relative of the sunflower)”.

The US space agency posted two satellite images of the blooming fields on Twitter and captioned it:

“Orange You Glad It’s Spring? After a wet March & April 2020, fields of poppies colored @PoppyReserve a bright orange. Park officials called this bloom an “unexpected” surprise due to the late season rains.”

These pictures prove how bright these poppy blooms are that they are visible from space. All the images were taken when the flowers were at their peak bloom.

Telling more about these bright blooms, NASA said that depending on the day or even hour, the orange patches may change in appearance. Also, the poppies open their petals during sunny periods, appearing like a large blanket over the landscape, which makes them all the more otherworldly.

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