Breaking UK travel rules can now land your in jail


Breaking UK travel rules can now land your in jail

The UK has new rules for travellers who are coming into the country, but did you know that you could land a 10-year jail term if you are caught lying about your recent travel history? According to Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, the British public can expect strong action in case any such rules are broken.

The strict border rules are related to a red list that contains names of countries deeply affected by the Coronavirus. There are a total of 33 countries in the list, including the UAE, Portugal, Brazil, Zimbabwe to name a few. Travellers, who have been to these countries in the last 10 days, prior to entering the UK, are required to go into hotel quarantine for 10 days. Thus, it is very important that this information is relayed to the officials, or else you can land up in jail.

The quarantine hotels are government approved, which will cost you £1,750.

Breaking UK travel rules can now land your in jail

Other than the jail term, in case of breaching hotel quarantine, you will also be fined a sum of money. As of now, it is being reported that the fine is going to be upto £10,000. Needless to say, you are positively required to take a Coronavirus test within 72 hours before travel. Even when you are under quarantine, you will be required to take Coronavirus tests on the second and eighth day of your stay.

The new rules for Coronavirus in the UK will be in place starting today, February 15, 2021.

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