Berlin residents experience open-air cinema amidst lockdown


Berlin residents experience open-air cinema amidst lockdown

With lockdown in various cities and social distancing norms prevailing all across the globe, cinemas are currently shut in most places, and most of us miss it. But there is something magical going on in Berlin, something that is allowing people to once again experience the joys of cinema. A project called Windowflicks is bringing your movies to courtyards, thus allowing a free screening for the locked-up residents. The project is mainly bringing endangered arthouse cinemas.

Berlin residents experience open-air cinema amidst lockdown

As COVID-19 renders the world paralysed, regular things such as going to the cinemas are sorely missed. Berliners now have a great new way to experience movies from the comfort of their homes. The Windowflicks project brings the movies to their homes, while they cozy up in their balconies, gardens, courtyards, or just from their windows. The movies are screened on the building facades, which is known as facadekinos or facade cinema.

Berlin residents experience open-air cinema amidst lockdown

Of course, we do have OTT platforms to watch movies, but this is a whole different experience that is charming to say the least. That is not all, you also get free popcorn through local businesses. In fact, the people behind this project wanted to say that you do not have to sit inside your home with your laptops and phones, you can take part in this movie-watching experience with your neighbours while being at an absolute safe distance from each other.

All you have to do, if you are from Berlin, is write to the organisers requesting them to come to your neighbourhood. You ought to have at least 20 apartments facing a blank wall though, so keep that in mind. The experience is for free, but donations are encouraged.

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