Assam relaxes quarantine rules for air passengers; passengers to isolate for a day if tested negative


Assam relaxes quarantine rules for air passengers; passengers to isolate for a day if tested negative

The Assam state government has announced major relaxations in its quarantine rule for air travellers entering the region from outside the state. Elaborating more on this, Assam’s Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that anyone, who either has a COVID negative certificate or has a discharge certificate with them from the hospital and have been cured of the virus, would no longer be required to undergo any quarantine on arrival or test.

He stated that recovered COVID patients will now no longer need to undergo further testing or quarantine on arrival in Assam. He added that COVID negative passengers would also no longer need to undergo 10 days of quarantine, and that this decision was taken on the basis of scientific evidence, he added. The Chief Minister also mentioned that Assam is the first state in the country to introduce it; this will, however, not be applicable to those who have temperature and other symptoms.

While talking to the media personnel, he mentioned that paid RT-PCR tests have also been opened up, the results of which would come within 24 hours.

A mobile app, named Visitassam, has also been developed by the Assam government to facilitate air passengers to download forms, fill it up, and show it at the airports, which would help them avoid the delay in completing formalities for COVID-19 tests. The said app would also ensure that people maintain proper social distancing.

Air passengers, on their arrival, will be required to stay in quarantine for just a day. They can then undergo paid RT-PCR tests, wherein the results will be declared in 24 hours. Also, known as the Tatkal RT-PCR test, one can get it done by paying INR 2200 and get results within 24 hours.

Earlier, air travellers staying in Assam beyond the period of 72 hours had to undergo a rapid antigen test and a mandatory quarantine until the test results arrived.

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