An ‘all-pet’ private jet hired to airlift pets from Delhi to Mumbai


An ‘all-pet’ private jet hired to airlift pets from Delhi to Mumbai

All has been said and done about people being stranded in different locations, and not being able to reach home due to travel restrictions imposed in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. What about the pets who are stranded or left behind without their owners due to lockdown?

This news will come as a sort of relief if you are a pet owner. To transport your pets, a private jet has been chartered to fly those pets to their owners.

As per an online news portal, cyber security researcher and entrepreneur Deepika Singh has set this initiative rolling to help some of these stranded pets unite with their owners. The 25-year old researcher from Mumbai stated that this idea struck her when she was trying to arrange a jet for flying out relatives from Delhi to Mumbai. During this process, she found out that some refused to travel with pets. She added that a jet for dogs, birds and other animals left behind during the lockdown, would help them provide a safer ride home, who would otherwise be transported via cargo shipments.

An ‘all-pet’ private jet hired to airlift pets from Delhi to Mumbai

Hence, she got in touch with a private jet aggregator for a six-seater aircraft, which would be exclusively for pets. Cost of each seat is INR 1.6 lakh, whereas the cost of the entire plane is INR 9.06 lakh.

She mentioned that when she contacted the private company, they agreed to send the pet on the plane. She reiterated that as of now, four people have signed up to transport their pet from Delhi to Mumbai, and are ready to bear the exorbitant cost. The passengers who have so far signed up for the flight journey include one Lady Pheasant Bird, one Golden Retriever, and two Shih Tzus. She now has to secure two more passengers, before the plane is ready to take off flight, the earliest being in around two weeks. However, if they fail to find six passengers, the fare per seat will become costlier.

The animals would be travelling with one flight attendant. These animals will be transported just the way they are transported while travelling with humans, i.e., inside cages.

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