Almora’s Malla Mahal is getting a facelift


Almora’s Malla Mahal is getting a facelift

Almora’s historic Malla Mahal is now getting a facelift. According to the administration, beautification work is being carried out in order to restore its original essence. It has been reported that almost 35 per cent of the work is already completed.

Not just Malla Mahal but Rani Mahal is being beautified as well. While Malla Mahal is being used as a collectorate office, Rani Mahal is being used as the District Magistrate office. The work on both the historic buildings started in July 2020. The total estimation for restoration of these two buildings is said to be INR 16 crores.

According to Rahul Chaubey, District Tourism Officer, Almora, “Malla Mahal will be ready for tourists in about four months. We are developing it as a heritage site. Meanwhile, the beautification of Rani Mahal is almost complete.”

Almora’s Malla Mahal is getting a facelift

The Malla Mahal was built by King Rudra Chandra in 1588. It is a stone and wood structure, and was once the fort of the Chand dynasty rulers. During colonial times, the British used it as a seat of administration. It was taken over by the British in the 19th century.

Today, it is an important piece of history, and would serve as a great place of interest for tourists coming to Almora in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand’s Almora district is a lovely place to visit, full of natural wonders, and quiet isolated from the rest of the world. These new restorations will bring it to the forefront of Uttarakhand tourism.

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