All about a remote settlement in Greenland, and the way of life for its residents


All about a remote settlement in Greenland, and the way of life for its residents

A great place to visit for those who love snow and would love to experience what it feels to live in a remotely located hotel is the Eastern Greenland. In the absence of cars or mobile phone networks, Eastern Greenland’s Ittoqqortoormiit town ushers you to an altogether different world.

Introducing – Ittoqqortoormiit

Ittoqqortoormiit is located on the edge of the frozen sea, and it is the only place on this remotely scenic coastline south of Greenland National Park with some human population.

Greenland has merely 0.0 people per sq km, and one third of the 57000 citizens living in the capital city Nuuk, situated on the west coast. These shocking statistics means that hardly there is any human settlement for 1000 km radius around Ittoqqortoormiit, a town marked for its brightly painted homes in contrast to the white snowy surroundings.

Know how the locals live

The residents of this town live in houses that have electricity supply, WiFi, central heating, a recreation centre, and couriers from Amazon coming via charter planes once every two months from Iceland.

However, their diet is very unusual–reindeer, whelk (sea snail) and Arctic char (a kind of fish). All this they eat for dinner, and wear polar bear fur and seal skin gloves to keep themselves warm from the unsparing cold.

The locals have had enough money for survival for decades by hunting polar bears and whales. However, fear of extinction due to rampant killing of these animals and UN policies have stopped them from hunting, thus making them move towards hospitality.

So, for anyone who is prepared to see dark skies by 2 PM and survive in a weather as cold as minus 25 degree Celsius, adventure activities like remote hiking as well as watching panoramic views is worth seeking.

Welcome to the remotest hotel in the world

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