A village in Java invents a novel way to fight Coronavirus


A village in Java invents a novel way to fight Coronavirus

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The beautiful island of Java has a unique approach to keep people from coming out of their homes during the Indonesian lockdown. According to reports, the streets are now being patrolled by ghosts wrapped in white sheets. Yes, that is correct. A neighbourhood in central Java has come up with this novel idea, presenting a ghost from the local folklore called pocong or pochong. The ghost is known for haunting graveyards and has now begun haunting the streets.

Pocong or Pochong represents trapped souls of the dead, and has come to the rescue of Kepuh village in Sukoharjo. Volunteers here in the village have been holding surprise patrols every few days. The idea is to keep people indoors, but it turned out to be quite an attraction during its early days, as people came out of their homes to take a glimpse of the ghosts.

According to statements from locals, they thought of these ideas as they wanted to be different and help ward off the Coronavirus with innovative approaches. With the surprise patrols in the area, the initiative is now a success, with more and more people willing to stay indoors.

A village in Java invents a novel way to fight Coronavirus

Social distancing is the global need in order to flatten the curve, and heads of nations are struggling to make their citizens adhere to the rules completely. A lot of regions across the world are coming up with novel ways to help people stay indoors, with ghosts on the streets of Java as the most interesting one so far.

The island of Java in Indonesia is known for its outstanding beauty, and is pretty much like paradise, extremely popular among travellers. We hope to go back there sometime soon.

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