A place where tourists gets wings to fly in the air and perform stunts like shaolin monks


A place where tourists gets wings to fly in the air and perform stunts like shaolin monks

You must have fancied being able to soar in the air like the shaolin monks, while watching movies such as the
Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon, and many more. If given a chance, would you like to experience it for real? Well, now you can.

There is a spot that is giving tourists an opportunity to experience flying kung fu. All you have to do is reach a tourist spot in Fujian Province, China. Xiatianxia Tourist Area is the particular tourist spot that attracts tons of visitors owing to the unique experiences that it offers to visitors. The most loved activity being waltzing visitors through air and performing stunts like in the kung fu movies.

What is interesting about this spot is that it is set in the backdrop of a scenic forest, majestic mountains and cascading waterfall, where visitors can dress up as their favourite
Wuxia (translates to Chinese martial heroes) characters, and fly using wires and harnesses. Here, you can recreate your favourite movie scene by dressing up in traditional Chinese outfits and flying up in the air on wires. Then, the staff will help visitors to go up and glide around by hooking them up onto a wire.

Apart from this, you can also opt to check out a glass suspension bridge and a
200 m-high swing, to get the most out of this place.

Besides, Fujian Province is an attractive coastal province, and has many attractions to woo tourists from far and wide. Its cities reflect an easy cosmopolitan outlook and visitors are, more than often, taken aback by its architecture, language, food, and people.

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