A phone booth in London is now a mini cafe


A phone booth in London is now a mini cafe

Londoners will be delighted to know that three disused phone booths have now been transformed into mini cafes. According to reports, a couple has made this possible by opening
Amar Cafe in two locations in the city. While one of them is located in Chiswick, the other is in Greenwich Market Village.

Amar Cafe is an only takeaway kiosk that serves coffee, ice-cream, and pastries, and is just perfect during these times of social distancing. The mini cafes are run by Loeinis Hernandez, and Sean Rafferty, and it was actually opened way back in March before the lockdown. Then, due to the lockdown, they had to shut shop, but now they are back and are making a mark in the city’s food scene.

A phone booth in London is now a mini cafe

So without having to share tables, or running the risk of getting infected, you can just order your choice of food from this charming little cafe, and walk away. Their speciality is Columbian Coffee, so you might want to try that. Loeinis Hernandez is a native of Colombia, and has been importing the coffee from there.

The couple has been getting a warm response from locals, and is positive that they are going to bring in more customers with time. According to them, customers have been returning for the Columbian coffee.

The UK is out of the lockdown now, and had placed a rule for a 2-metre social distancing. However, now Prime Minister Boris Johnson has commissioned a review of this 2 m rule as the numbers keep falling.

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