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A penis-shaped island discovered in the Pacific Ocean

The internet is full of weird places, waiting to be discovered. One of the interesting places to discover the Earth’s hidden and unusual destinations is Google maps. Recently, a 50-year-old Detroit woman, Joleen Vultaggio, made a strange discovery while surfing Google maps—a penis-shaped island.

She spotted the island in the Trinity Islands, Pacific Ocean and immediately shared the weird location with a Facebook group named
Google Earth Superfans to prove her finding. In the post that she shared on Facebook, she wrote “I was looking around the Trinity Islands, and it just popped up, and I thought, ‘Wow, that really looks like an uncircumcised penis.’”

The finding is quite recent so it’s not yet sure whether the island is inhabited by humans or not. However, people know that the Trinity Island of Ouvea with a population of 3400 people is the nearest settlement to this island.

According to local reports, the woman shared the news with others so that people can pull the coordinates and see this island. In the images, one can see the island surrounded by clear blue waters and greenery.

If you too want to see this phallic-shaped island, all you need to do is type 20°37’37” S 166°18’02” E on Google Maps. Then, click on the
Satellite View option to witness this weird island to believe in its existence!

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