A lovable dog is giving virtual tours of Switzerland to everyone around the world


A lovable dog is giving virtual tours of Switzerland to everyone around the world

An adorable white shepherd, named Rasta, is now taking quarantined folks through a virtual tour of Switzerland. Each day, Rasta, accompanied by his owner, Sylvia Michel, explores a new place on Instagram, and it is for all to check out.

So now, as you sit at home wondering when you can possibly venture out next, try rastawhiteshepherd for an incredible tour in the Swiss countryside. The tours are action packed as you can see Rasta eating snow, or even swim in the lakes. Rasta’s owner, Sylvia Michel is a photographer who has always wanted to learn more about Switzerland, and explore it beyond the touristy places. Now as Rasta came into Sylvia’s life, it looked like the right time to begin the explorations.

The Instagram account is widely admired, and Rasta has numerous followers who like to check in to see what the duo is upto. The account currently has about 290000 followers and, of course, the number is bound to surge in the coming days.

Rasta is known for exploring the Bernese Oberland area of Switzerland, and it is just incredible to see the beautiful landscape being explored by this adorable dog. While most people remain indoors during this tough time, the account is a great way to virtually explore part of Switzerland, and be totally mesmerized by its beauty. May be, you would like to travel to this part once the lockdown is over, and even bump into Rasta.

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