A gurudwara in Ghaziabad introduces ‘oxygen langar’ for Corona patients, Ghaziabad


A gurudwara in Ghaziabad introduces ‘oxygen langar’ for Corona patients

India is going through a tough pandemic phase. The sudden spike in COVID-19 cases and the news of patients dying because of the lack of the oxygen has devastated the country. The acute oxygen shortage has created a lot of problems but a gurudwara in Ghaziabad has come forward to help those in dire need of oxygen.

Gurudwara Singh Sabha Indirapuram has started a noble initiative called oxygen langar for COVID patients. So people in need of oxygen can come here and receive the supply at the gurudwara in cars arranged by the authority here.

A video has gone viral of Gurpreet Singh informing people about the initiative. In the video, he mentions, “We are not giving or refilling oxygen cylinders. We are asking people to come here to the Indirapuram Gurudwara along with the patient in their car and we will provide oxygen to them. Be it two, four or eight hours, we will provide oxygen till the time the patient is not getting a bed in the hospital”.

As per reports, the gurudwara has said that oxygen will be given to the patients until they get a hospital bed. As of now, India is going through an extremely bad phase in terms of pandemic. People are dying because of no oxgyen supply. In such times, this comes as a great relief.

A helpline number is shared by the authorities wherein people can call and book oxygen cylinders.

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